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"Kassel" - vegetable cream containing sugar for making whipped cream, has a long shelf life. They are a white liquid semi-finished product based on vegetable fats and whey for the preparation of whipped cream in cooking. When whipped, it increases almost 4 times in volume - whipped cream has a lush structure, lends itself perfectly to processing, has high stability, provides a clear pattern for decoration, and remains stable for a long time.
Perfect for decorating cakes, pastries and drinks. Mix well with milk cream and chocolate, foundations. Resistant to freezing and subsequent defrosting in a whipped state. Vegetable cream has the following characteristics:
- perfect for decorating cakes, pastries and drinks
- when beating increases in volume by 4 times
- blends perfectly with milk cream
- holds its shape well when whipped and perfectly forms the tops
- resistant to freezing - thawing in a whipped state
- provide a clear pattern when decorating.

Mode of application:
To whip, pre-cool the vegetable cream in the refrigerator. The temperature of the whipping cream should be between +2 and +6°C. Whip the cream with a mixer at high speed until the consistency thickens and finish whipping at low speed

To reduce fat content and increase yield, you can add cold purified water up to 30% at the end of whipping cream.

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